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Wellman Technologies is constantly looking for ways to save money for our clients. One major expense for businesses is their communication costs, specifically internet and telco costs. We are experts in determining the right fit when it comes to what type of dedicated circuit, capacity, price and length of contract for companies of all sizes. We have long standing relationships with all the major vendors and have the ability to get the lowest price for our customers. Often times we can save a business money without changing services or adding any length to their contract.

For businesses with 10+ users, we prefer a model that includes a dedicated fiber circuit along with cloud based phone service. This allows for both voice and data to travel across the fiber, eliminating the need for costly phone lines. This model includes setting up QoS on the router which allows the voice traffic to receive a higher priority to guarantee voice quality. Administration in this scenario is all cloud based which allows for changes to be made on the fly and eliminates paying technicians at high hourly rates.

With our sophisticated firewall devices, we have the ability to monitor customer internet circuits. We look at things such as bandwidth utilization to determine if the customer needs the capacity they are paying for. Often times we see that businesses are at maximum capacity and need to increase their bandwidth which improves workflow and productivity.  In some cases a customer is under utilizing their internet circuit and we are able to decrease capacity and save money.

Benefits of having Wellman Technologies perform a FREE voice and data cost analysis for your business include:

  • Cost savings up to 60% on your internet and phone bills
  • Users stay busy instead of waiting for slow internet response times
  • Network bottlenecks are eliminated
  • The ability utilize cloud based services which traditionally cost less than expensive on-site hardware

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