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In today's digital age, companies have made a significant investment in their network infrastructure. Doing business is nearly impossible without a sophisticated network of computers, servers, switches and routers. Data and voice traffic flow at very high speeds across these networks. Any disruption or outtages can cost businesses thousands of dollars in lost revenue. It is more important than ever to not only protect that costly investment but to monitor it as well. Wellman Technologies' Network Monitoring services gives business owners peace of mind that their network is safe, secure and optimized. We also have the ability to track user activity for such things as non-business related web browsing or the use of unauthorized external hard drives.

We have partnered with Labtech, the leading provider of Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) software for IT professionals. Labtech is the only solution created by system administrators for system administrators, leveraging their years of IT industry experience to streamline day to day IT operations. Wellman Technologies installs Labtech software on our servers and roll out a lightweight agent on every device on your network. We integrate core platforms such as anti-virus, anti-malware, email protection and backup and storage to protect our customer's investments.

Wellman Technologies is able to not only monitor your network infrastructure 24/7 but also provide daily reports to management on the following items:

  • Anti-Virus - We Monitor Server Virus & PC Scanning and if Definition Files are Up to Date
  • Backup - We Monitor Backup Programs for a Successful or Failed Backup
  • Disk - We Track Available Disk Space on Server, PC's, Laptops & Can Detect Pending Failures
  • Intrusion - We Track if Systems Are Experiencing a High Level of Failed Logins
  • Services - We Monitor for Stopped or Disable Critical Windows Services
  • Updates - We Monitor Windows Updates & Hot Fixes
  • Usability - We Monitor CPU Performance, Memory Spikes, Operating System Viability

Call us today at (270) 228-0111 to start monitoring your network infrastructure and get a handle on user activity.

 Network Monitoring & Security